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Me and an old oak

Hello! My name is Victor and I am 25 years old. I have been growing up in the country, in the middle of nowhere, outside Mjölby, south eastern Sweden. I guess that my interest for biology started in my early years as I spent a lot of time out in the open; playing, fishing and when I was little older also bird watching. The choice, to study biology at the university, was quite easy and I have been studying at Linköping University for five years now. It has been very worthwhile and also a lot of fun. For the last two years I have been studying Applied Biology, which is a masters programme that concentrate on scientific research in cooperation with Kolmården zoo. Even though it was fun to go "behind the scenes" and come closer to the magnificent animals there, I felt that In situ conservation is far more interesting for me. That is why I choose to investigate the preferences of different lichen species growing on oaks here in Östergötland.  

If you have any questions about me or my work, don't hesitate to contact me for further information.   

E-mail: vicjo977@student.liu.se or vicjo977@gmail.com

Telephone: +46 (0)70396925

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