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Evaluation of a new device for static acoustic monitoring of Phocoena phocoena in the wild


The Porpoise Click Logger (PCL) is a new device for static acoustic monitoring of Phocoena phocoena. It was developed primarily for use in the Baltic Sea , where better knowledge of the distribution of Phocoena phocoena is of high concern. For the first time, static acoustic monitoring has been conducted in the Swedish waters. The study aimed at evaluating the function of the PCL and a new deployment method. This was done through field studies in areas with high density of animals and in cooperation with professional fishermen, deploying PCLs in potential fishing areas. Overall, the PCL has worked well and has shown to be hardy and easy to handle. There are some problems, the most serious concerning the low and varying sensitivity of the hydrophones. The new method for deployment in cooperation with fishermen has worked well and should be very useful for coming studies.

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Last updated: 04/19/07