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The PCL detects porpoises

PCL (clickable)

The porpoise is a small whale living in the Baltic Sea. Unfortunately, there are very few left here, and if we want to keep them actions are needed. Therefore, the Swedish Board of Fisheries ("Fiskeriverket") has started a project to gain more knowledge about the porpoise in the Baltic. A part of this project is the new PCL or "Porpoise Click Logger". The PCL detects the clicks emitted from the porpoise, and through this we hope to find out where along the Swedish Baltic coast the porpoise can be found. In my thesis, called "Evaluation of a new device for static acoustic monitoring of Phocoena phocoena in the wild", I have tested the function of the PCL. It is important to know for example the detection range and the detection proportion of the PCL before using it in the wild. Does it sound interesting? Then please, explore the rest of my site!

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Last updated: 04/27/07