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A method to evalute environmental enrichments for Asian elephants

Saonoi at Kolmarden

Zoo animals often have a poorer environment compared to wild animals. One of the ways to handle this is by enriching the captive animals environment so they can e.g. eat for a longer time. However, providing the animals with the same environment as the free-living ones is often problematic, both practically and financially. This might apply more to elephants than most animals since they are not only the largest animal on land, but they are also highly intelligent, active animals with a rich social life. Any enrichment done for elephants most likely needs to be sturdy, complex and quite large. Taking this into consideration and what is best for the elephant, it is a good idea to find out first if an enrichment has any interest to an elephant before putting it in permanently.

How can this be done you might ask? Explore this site and you will find out.

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Last updated: 06/07/07