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First application of an Echolocation Visualization and Interface System (ELVIS) for dolphins


Previous choice studies with bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) have mostly been conducted with either the “Two-Response Forced Choice Paradigm” or the “Go/No-Go Response Paradigm”. These two response modes are rather coarse and difficult to refine. Therefore a new, more versatile system called “ Echolocation Visualization and Interface System” (ELVIS) has been developed. It is based on a matrix of 16 hydrophones and a custom made software makes it possible to configure to function as an “acoustic touch screen”. The dolphins indicate their choices by aiming their sonar beam axis towards symbols on the screen. In this study ELVIS was introduced to three female bottlenose dolphins and its applicability was evaluated by conducting a food preference study. It was found that ELVIS worked as intended, and the dolphins grasped its basic function. One of the dolphins made a measurable deliberate choice between two food species.

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Last updated: 02/22/08