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Warthog (Phacochoerus aethiopicus)

The only omnivore mammal described in this study is the warthog. They are found on the savannah and their diet consists of a wide variety of short grass, seeds, bulbs and tubers (Estes 1997; Kingdon 2003). Occasionally they feed on insects and carcasses.

Highly nutritious grass is favoured and found in areas were the vegetation is kept short and green (Wentzel et al. 1991). The warthogs are diurnal and at night they stay in burrows previously used by aardvarks (Estes 1997). Like buffalos they generally stay in the vicinity of water (Kingdon 2003) and during hot periods wallow daily to regulate body temperature. Due to their relatively thin skin, warthogs suffer from elevated temperatures (Estes 1997). Warthogs are also a favoured host of tsetse flies and might use the wallowing as a strategy to alleviate themselves from these and other insects.

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