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Moab, one of the wolves from Northern Lights Wildlife Centre

Comparison Kolmården Zoo-Northern Lights Wildlife Centre


Wiley, another of the centre's wolves

Kolmården Zoo versus a Wildlife centre

In my work I also came into contact with another type of organization, dedicated to conserving and preserving the wolf. With an interview with the manager at Northern Lights Wildlife Centre I  tried to make a comparison of the hands-on meetings, or photo session, they offer with what is offered at Kolmården. A strict comparison however were not possible due to differences in conditions. For instance they bring wolves and up to 4 visitors with them on a hike, whereas Kolmården Zoo take up to 15 persons at a time into the wolves enclosure. Moreover the wildlife centre allows children to visit with their wolves, something that is not done at Kolmården. Here participants must be over 15 years of age.  Furthermore, the group compositions are different, with the wildlife centre having mixed groups and Kolmården having only males for hands-on meetings. This because normally females tend to be more aggressive than males and also if the animals start to breed they may then become a danger to people, having lost their fear of man and therefore does not hesitate to attack humans. At the wildlife centre the animals are sterilized to stop them from breeding, but that is often not an option for zoo animals, since they usually are part of a breeding programme.

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