An Easy-to-Use Molecular Display and Animation Program

Moviemol is a program for visualization and animation of molecular structures for SGI workstations. Moviemol typically takes sets of molecular coordinates and displays each of these sets or frames one after the other to create a "movie". The molecules/atoms/ions are displayed in ball-and-stick form. At any moment during the animation, the molecules can be rotated or translated, magnified or diminished. The input is simple and the program is easy to run. The program also produces very nice postscript images of publication quality.

How to obtain moviemol

The program can be obtained from The program is free-of-charge for academic researchers and the price is modest for commercial establishments. The most recent version is 1.3.1.

A few demonstrations:

These are mpeg movies of the input examples that come with the moviemol program illustrating some typical applications and capabilities.

movie (0.28 Mb) MD simulation of water wapour at 400K.

movie (0.29 Mb) MD simulation of an Al(3+) water solution.

movie (0.47 Mb) A phonon mode in the LiOH·H2O crystal.

movie (0.23 Mb) A normal mode in the triflate ion (CF3SO3-).

movie (0.54 Mb) The crystal structure of RbH3(SeO3)2.

movie (0.68 Mb) The C60 Buckminster fullerene structure.

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Authors and Copyright (C) 1998

Lars Ojamäe and Kersti Hermansson
Linköping University and Uppsala University

The Moviemol Molecular Animation Program,