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Welcome to Nalle Jonsson's group

The research in our group is focused on detailed molecular characterizations of structure and dynamics in protein interactions. In our studies we use genetic engineering techniques, such as gene cloning and site-directed mutagenesis, to produce novel or engineered recombinant protein variants. In the studies of molecular interactions we mainly use NMR, CD and fluorescence spectroscopy to report on conformational changes. Aggregation phenomena are characterized by analytical ultracentrifugation. Measurement of hydrogen/deuterium exchange at amide groups by NMR is frequently used for characterization of the dynamics in proteins.

In separate projects we study:

a) chaperone function

b) the protein misfolding disease ALS

c) protein adsorption on solid materials

d) enzyme mechanisms

On these pages, more information on the research projects and a list of relevant publications can be found, as well as a short presentation of the people involved in our research group.

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Last updated: 11/10/06