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Research projects, methods and support

Main Projects:

  • Structure-function studies of TRIM21/Ro52, a protein targeted in autoimmune disease
  • Molecular origin of antibiotics resistance in Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
  • Structure-function studies of the Myc oncoprotein and its interactions

Main methods employed in the group:

  • High-resolution solution NMR for protein structure and interaction analysis
  • Crystallography for larger protein complexes
  • MALDI-MS combined with time-resolved proteolysis for domain mapping
  • Circular Dichroism
  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  • Isothermal Calorimetry
  • Analytical ultracentrifugation
  • Surface plasmon resonance
  • Molecular Biology for (sub)cloning and mutations of protein targets
  • 15N, 13C and 2H labelling in-house

Current major grants and support:

  • Swedish Research Council
  • Swedish Cancer Society
  • Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation
  • STINT Institutional Grant LiU - U Toronto
  • Linköping University
  • LiU Cancer Research Network

Responsible for this page: Maria Sunnerhagen

Last updated: 06/28/13