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Welcome to the Maria Sunnerhagen group!

Professor Maria Sunnerhagen

Structural biology is an intrinsically multidisciplinary branch of research which connects chemistry and biology with medicine and biotechnology. A structural biologist uses biophysical and structural tools to investigate how proteins tailor their molecular structure to perform various tasks required in the living organism. Since disease often involves disturbances in protein function, increased knowledge in this field is required to develop novel and efficient pharmaceutical strategies. 

The goal of research in my group is to understand and explain in structural and biophysical detail the molecular origin of diseases of major importance, with the aim to open up novel routes towards efficient therapies. To this end, we use a battery of biophysical and biomedical experiments, and work in close collaboration with medical scientists.

If you are interested in participating in our group to work towards these aims, as a diploma student, graduate student or postdoc, do not hesitate to contact me! We have challenging projects at all levels, and collaborators all over the world. 

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Last updated: 06/28/13