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Ann-Sofie Sundman

PhD student

Dog behaviour and behaviour genetics

My research so far focuses on behavioural differences within breeds where a divergence between different breeding lines have occurred due to different breeding interests and thus selection criteria. For example, the Labrador retriever shows two distinct breeding lines where the common type is a show and pet dog whereas the field type is a hunting dog. They share a recent past and have been seperated only for a short time span but they show behavioural differences. Can we use this recent divergence to study the genetic bases of behaviour? 

Behavioural differences and the heritability of behaviour in two selection lines of golden and Labrador retriever

Poster (for IBANGS 2015)


Here you can download my poster and watch a short video showing the subtests of the Dog Mentality Assessment (DMA).

Do not hesitate to take a look at more of the research we are performing in the AVIAN group. Follow the links in the menu.

Golden Retriever Stehfoto/seitlich, im Laub by Dirk Vorderstraße, CC BY 3.0 

Wood and Water Nyfikna Nilla by Madeleine Gustavsson, with her permission

SE U(u)CH Aquador Morgana ”Klinga” by Emma Brantsjö, with her permission

Perfect side view of black Labrador north east England by Chrizwheatley, public domain

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