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Associate Professor (Docent i Zoologi, särskild Fysiologi)

I am an animal physiologist with a broad interest in the structure and function of the cardiovascular system in vertebrates. Pursuing this interest has taken me to exciting locations such as Antarctica or Bolivia.

My current work focuses on the environmental and genetic determinants of heart structure and function during development in domesticated chicken breeds using junglefowl and ornate tinamous as reference species. You will find the publications related with these research topics under current publications.

My earlier research involved studies on the circulation and respiration in fish and reptiles. The results of our work are listed as "Other publications".

As a lecturer, I am responsible for the advanced physiology course in the Biology program "Animal Function and Environmental Adaptation" (NBIC49) and a master course in the Medical and Experimental Biosciences program "Cardiovascular Biology" (8MEA03), jointly taught with colleagues from the Faculty of Health Sciences.

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