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Lipid transfer proteins in plants

To understand lipid function is to understand biology! Well, that statement is not as exaggerated as one may think if considered that lipids are the major components of cellular membranes, are important signal molecules and constitute important sources for energy and carbon skeletons. Many years of research have resulted in a very good knowledge about the biochemical reactions involved in lipid biosynthesis and catabolism. Nearly all the enzymes playing key roles have been identified and cloned. But still there are many issues of function, transport and metabolism of lipids that we have only superficial knowledge about. One of our research goals is to increase the understanding of the function of sphingolipids in plants. We are also studying the enigmatic plant-specific extracellular non-specific lipid transfer proteins. We have also recently published the first evidence for that plants express sterol carrier protein-2 (SCP-2).


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Last updated: 06/23/11