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Karin Tonderski

Docent (Assoc.Prof.)

IFM Biology
Linköpings universitet


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My teaching commitments

Environmental science, Environmental engineering and managment, Environmental Impact Assessement, Ecological microbiology, Treatment wetland technology, Wetland biogeochemistry, Low-cost sanitation

My current research interests are

The ecosystem services concept as a basis for promoting multiple ecosystem functions and restoring landscapes; Management of nutrient cycles in society, e.g. systems for recycling nutrients from aquatic ecosystems through use of digestate from biogas plants; Ecological engineering with a focus on constructed wetlands for water pollution control; Low cost sanitation in developing countries; Phosphorus losses and transport in streams and rivers; Wetland biogeochemistry (nitrogen and phosphorus cycling).

International involvement

Coordinator of the research project BONUS MIRACLE 

Assisting supervisor to PhD student Lipe Renato, Århus University

BioInnovate Africa

Supreme-tech Denmark

Editorial board of Ecological Engineering

POMInnO Sp.zo.o. Poland

Educational material on P wetlands (In Swedish)

Fånga fosforn - dammar, filter och tvåstegsdiken

Ladda ner från Hushållningssällskapet Östergötland

Film om att göra fosfordammar

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