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Mats Eriksson

I am Associate Professor (Docent) in Applied Physics at the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM), Linköping university, heading a research group in the Chemical and Optical Sensor Systems (Cheops) division. I received the PhD degree in Applied Physics in 1997 based on my thesis "Surface and interface phenomena studied with Pd metal-oxide-semiconductor structures: Adsorption, catalytic reactions, hydrogen sensing and Pd restructuring".

I was during 2007-2011 head of the S-SENCE (the Swedish Sensor Centre) group at IFM and 2006-2009 working part time as a Senior Scientist at the spin-off company AppliedSensor (acquired by ams AG in 2014). My research interest is primarily on chemical senors, in particular electrochemical sensors for drinking water monitoring and different aspects of gas sensing with field-effect devices, involving surface and interface physics, catalytic reactions, thin film physics and semiconductor physics. In 2008 Prof. Ingemar Lundström and I initiated the EVENT project which concerns drinking water surveillance with electronic tongues. This project has been followed up by several projects financed by Formas and VINNOVA to further explore this sensor technology. In 2010 I joined the steering group of the strategic research centre Security Link.

I am examiner and teacher in the undergraduate courses Modern Physics (TFYA73, TFYA67 and 9FY341) and Physics (TFYA14). In 2009 I initiated a PhD course in Sensors for Increased Security and Crisis Management together with Dr. Dietmar Letalick at FOI which is part of the course programme in the graduate school Forum Securitatis.

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