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Welcome to the Division of Molecular Physics!


The Division of Molecular Physics is a part of the scientific area of Applied Physics at Linköping University, and performs cross-disciplinary research mainly within these areas:

  • Surface spectroscopy for analysis of soft materials and monolayers
  • Nanoscale plasmonics
  • Molecular Self-assembly
  • Biosensor technology
  • Biofouling

The staff in our division reflects the multidisciplinary character of the research, with strong connections to both medicine and biology. Thus, we have people with backgrounds in physics, engineering biology, biochemistry, organic chemistry and protein science.

Our laboratories are located in the Physics Building ('Fysikhuset'), campus Valla, and are well equipped for studies of surface chemistry, biointerfacial phenomena, and monomolecular layers, and also includes facilities for syntesis of peptides and polymeric biomaterials.

If you are interested in performing a diploma work or a master’s project in our group, please contact Dr. Thomas Ederth, ted@ifm.liu.se

June 2013: Picture from the group meeting in Arkösund together with the molecular surface physics and nanoscience group

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