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Center of Organic Electronics (COE)

The Center of Organic Electronics (COE), financed by the Strategic Research Foundation SSF, is a collaborative effort between Linköping University, Chalmers University of Technology and Lund University, in developing organic electronics. Activities span from chemical synthesis of novel polymers, fast photophysics and spectroscopy, device development and characterisation, to systems integration and production technology for printed organic electronics. The efforts are focused on organic nanoelectronics (ONE), where nano scale phenomena and geometries in organic devices are studied, on printed organic macroelectronics (TOE) where electrochemical transistors and electrochromic pixels printed on flexible paper or polymer substrate are used to create both logic, addressing and display functions, and in organic optoelectronics (THREE) where polymer photovoltaic devices and light sources are developed.

The leader of the Center of Organic Electronics is Prof Olle Inganäs.



Last day for registration is 12 April !


COE decennial program 22-23 April 2013

COE decennial program  
April 22, 2013 at Turbinen (K4) , Kåkenhus, Campus Norrköping , Norrköping
11 Welcome and introduction
Prof. Magnus Berggren, Prof. Olle Inganäs, Linköping University
11.10 Printed electronics
Chair: Olle Inganäs 
Prof. Magnus Berggren, Organic Electronics, ITN, Linköpings Universitet :”Organic electronics and bioelectronics”
Dr.Göran Gustafsson, CTO, Acreo, Norrköping:
 “Printed electronics”  
Dr. Peter Andersson-Ersman, Acreo: Novel device architectures enabling printed electrochromic matrix addressed displays”
12.30 Buffet lunch served in Färgeriet
13.30 From transport theory to systems design
Chair: Magnus Berggren
Prof. Sven Stafström, Computational Physics, IFM; Linköping University: “How the polaron concept contributes to the understanding of charge transport in organic materials”
Prof. Robert Forchheimer, ISY, LiU: “Device and systems simulation for organic electronics”
Dr. Lars Herlogsson, Thin Film Electronics, Linköping:   ”Printed memories and integrated systems”
15. Coffee
Chair: Olle Inganäs
15.30 Professor A.J.Heeger, University of California at Santa Barbara:  “Creativity, Discovery and Risk: Nobel prizes past and future”
Doc. Xavier Crispin, Thermoelectric properties of conducting polymers"
16.45 Demonstrations at Printed Electronics Arena, Norrköping
18 Dinner at Stadshuset

April 23, 2013 9-16
at Planck, Fysikhuset, IFM, Linköping
9.00 Organic photovoltaics
Chair: Olle Inganäs
Prof. A.J. Heeger, University of California at Santa Barbara: “The role of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle in bulk heterojunction solar cells”
Professor Mats Andersson, Polymer technology, Chalmers University of Technology: 10 years of developing polymers for solar cells from Chalmers”
Docent Arkady Yartsev, Chemical Physics, Lund University:
  "Time-resolved study of materials for organic photovoltaics and functioning solar cells"
Docent Fengling Zhang, Biomolecular and organic electronics, IFM, Linköping University: “Organic photovoltaics with small molecules”
10.45 Coffee
11.00 Interfaces and surfaces in OPVs
Chair: Mats Andersson
Professor Mats Fahlman, Surface Physics and chemistry, IFM, Linköping University: “Photoelectron spectroscopy and modeling of interface properties related to organic photovoltaic cells”
Professor Ellen Moons, Dept. Physics, Karlstad University: “Morphology studies in photovoltaic blends”
M.Sc. Zheng Tang, Biomolecular and organic electronics, IFM, Linköping University : “Modified interfaces in organic photovoltaic devices”
M.Sc.Jonas Bergqvist, Biomolecular and organic electronics, IFM, Linköping University:” Imaging of photovoltaic materials and processes”
13.30 Fundamental processes in organic optoelectronic materials and devices
Chair: Villy Sundström
Docent Ivan Scheblykin, Chemical Physics, Lund University:
"Fluorescence ability of conjugated polymers - from bulk to single molecules "
Dr. Wolfgang Tress, Biomolecular and organic electronics, IFM, Linköping University: “Non-linear processes in organic photovoltaic devices”
14.10 Organic energy storage
Chair:Villy Sundström
Prof. Olle Inganäs, Biomolecular and organic electronics, IFM, Linköping University:”Energy and charge storage in biopolymer electrodes”
14.45 Coffee
15.00  Organic nanoelectronics
Chair: Mats Fahlman
Dr. Mahiar Hamedi,   KTH: "Biomolecular templates for self-assembly of organic nano electronics"
Docent Niclas Solin, Biomolecular and organic electronics, IFM, Linköping University: “Preparation and application of protein wires functionalized with luminescent molecules”
15.45 End of symposium
You are most welcome  
Olle Inganäs

More information about the program will be updated in coming weeks !

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Center of Organic Electronics (COE) decennial

This is an invitation to join the ten year anniversary of COE, funded by the Strategic Research Foundation and started in 2003, through a symposium on organic electronics in April 22-23, 2013, held at Linköping University. This is the time to collect and present results of COE 2003-2008, with activities in printed organic electronics, organic photovoltaics, and organic nanoelectronics, with the better view offered by five more years of continued research in these and other fields of organic and printed electronics. The program during the two day symposium includes scientific presentations of senior and junior scientists within COE, and within the fields of organic electronics in Scandinavia, presentations from the commercial activities related to organic electronics, as well as laboratory visits to the Printed Electronics Arena at Norrköping. 

Our plenary speaker will be professor Alan J. Heeger, University of California at Santa Barbara, one of the founding fathers in the field of electronic properties of organic solids, Nobel laureate in Chemistry 2000.
The symposium is located at Campus Norrköping April 22, starting at 11 am and continuing with presentations and demonstrations during the day. A conference dinner is held in Norrköping that night. During April 23, sessions continue at the Campus Valla, Linköping, and a bus will take participants there.
A scientific and technical program is in preparation, and will be accessible at https://www.ifm.liu.se/applphys/coe/index.xml
 in February 2013, when also registration for the meeting will be possible.
The COE decennial meeting is supported by grants from Nobelstiftelsen, through the committees for the Nobel prizes in physics and chemistry.
Most welcome!
Olle Inganäs

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