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Call for proposals 2017

The Centre in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (CeNano) is an organisation within Linköping Institute of Technology (LiTH) at Linköping University. The mission of CeNano is to strengthen and expose research in nanoscience and nanotechnology at LiTH.

CeNano now calls for applications for project support 2017. Up to 7 projects will be funded. The support, maximum 150 000 SEK per project, is intended to be used as part of the salary for a PhD student working in the field of nanoscience or nanotechnology. The support can be applied for by the main supervisor, a co-supervisor, or the PhD student him/herself.


The proposal contains

  1. title page (found here)
  2. a description of the project (1 page). The PhD student(s) who will benefit from the support must be mentioned and put into the project context. The application must also include a description of how the support will enable twinning, i. e. interdisciplinary collaboration where two or more PhD students use their competences within different fields in order to broaden their own work. Twinning should be between LiU students and collaboration across departmental or faculty borders is encouraged, but salary costs will be granted for PhD students at LiTH only.
  3. CV(s) of all applicant(s) (1 page/applicant), including references to a maximum of five publications each. If the applicant is a PhD student, the CV of the supervisor involved in the project must also be included.
  4. Applicants who were granted CeNano support in 2016 must provide an activity report for the supported project (2 pages) as an appendix to the application.


In the assessment process, the following will be taken into consideration:

- Research quality and relevance to the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

- Twinning as described above, and synergies with other PhD projects.

- Achievements in previously CeNano-supported projects (if any).


PhD students benefitting from the support will report by giving oral presentations at a CeNano Symposium. A short presentation of each project on the CeNano website will also be required.


The application should be submitted as a single PDF file to Karin Enander (karin.enander@liu.se), Wednesday 15th February 2017 at 17.00 at the latest.


The decision will be announced in late March or early April 2017.


Do not hesitate to contact Karin Enander if you have any questions.


Linköping January 12, 2017

On behalf of the CeNano board,

Karin Enander

Director CeNano

Responsible for this page: Karin Enander
Last updated: 01/11/17