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Danny van Noort

Associated professor in Engineering biology

Danny van Noort is associate professor in engineering biology at IFM/Bitechnology. He recieved his PhD from IFM in 1999. Danny is presently faculty member and associate professor at Universidad de los Andes in Santiago de Chile and has previously been at the Princeton University, Seuol National University and National University of Singapore. Danny has a profound experience of microfluids and serves a co-suppervisor at the division.

Selected recent publications:

Zhang, C. and van Noort, D. (2011) Cells in microfluidics. Topics in Current Chemistry 304, 295-321

Hedde van Hoorn,Rolf Harkes, Ewa M. Spiesz, Cornelis Storm, Danny van Noort, Benoit Ladoux and Thomas Schmidt (2014) The nanoscale architecture of force-bearing focal adhesions. Nano Letters 14 (8), 4257-4262

D Choudhury, D van Noort, C Iliescu, B Zheng, KL Poon, S Korzh, V Korzh, (2012) Fish and Chips: a microfluidic perfusion platform for monitoring zebrafish development. Lab on a Chip 12 (5), 892-900

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