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Division of Biotechnology

Division of Biotechnology is a research unit at IFM. Focus is on monitoring, optimisation and control of biological systems. Course curricula cover industrial biotechnology, bioprocess engineering and modelling of biosystems.


The research and education at the division of biotechnology focus on industrial applications of biotechnology. In essence, industrial biotechnology means the integration of engineering with biosciences for production purposes. The scientific breakthroughs of the seventies and eighties in molecular genetics resulted in the industrial production of recombinant proteins in micro-organisms and animal cell cultures are now furthered by new developments. A number of bioengineering tools are currently exploited within genetic-, protein-, metabolic-, physiological- and organ engineering in order to produce foreign proteins, modified proteins, metabolites, host cells with new properties and artificial organs. It is a prime task for the current biotechnology research to integrate and develop these tools in order to achieve and optimize new and better industrial applications.

New Research Project

BIORAPID New EU-Marie Curie project with University of Newcastle, TU Berlin, DTU, ACREO, Sanofi-Aventis, Fuji Biofilm Diosynth and Chr Hansen. Focus on rapid bioprocess development. LiU leads sensor development with particular focus on disposable rapid sensors and soft sensors.

On-going Research Project

StemBANCC Large EU-IMI project with 40 partners from EFPIA pharmaceutical companies and academic institutes. Objective. to develop and establish patient specific iPS cell lines for pharmaceutical development. LiU leads assay development in the consortium


New book edited

April 2016. A comprehensive collection of chapters on state of the art of bioreactor design.


Book title

Springer Verlag has published a new book on Measurement, Monitoring, Modelling and Control (M3C) of bioprocesses edited by CF Mandenius and N. Titchener-Hooker. The topics cover modern methods of M3C writted by international experts from academia and industry. You find more about the book here.


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