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Research / Polymer OptoElectronics

Current and previous research on the topic of optoelectronics involves:

  • Field-Effect Transistors

  • Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs)
    - Covering the whole visible spectrum with substituted polythiophenes
    - Voltage-controlled colour
    - White LED's
    - Emission of polarized light
    - UV and IR emitting light sources
    - Microcavity devices

  • Photodiodes and solar cells from polymers and molecules
    - Low bandgap polymers
    - Bulk heterojunctions (polymer-polymer and polymer-molecule)
    - Bilayers
    - Photonic structures
    - Annealing
    - Optical and electrical Modelling
    - Alternative electrodes

2. Flexible organic solar cel, generating an output voltage of 640 mV.
4. 3D micro dots involving two conjugated polymer layers formed on a conducting polymer with surface energy controlled dewetting.
Folded all plastic solarcells for more efficient light harvesting
5. Light emitting micro dots formed in optical active polymer , through liquid surface energy patterning.
6. The principle of light generation and charge collection in a polymer solar cell.
5. Polarization effects in ordered conjugated polymer films.
8. Voltage controlled OLED.
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9. Nano OLEDs formed through phase separation in blends.

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