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Research / Polymer ElectroChemistry

Current and previous research on conjugated polymer electrochemistry  involves:

  • Electrochemistry of Conjugated Polymers
    - Doping of conjugated polymers
    - Polymer batteries and supercapacitors
    - Electrochromic effects
    - Light emitting electrochemical cells
    - Electroelastomers
  •  Solid State Ionics
    - Ionic Transport in Conjugated Polymers
    - Solid State Polymer Electrolytes
  • Microfluidics
  •  Micromuscles
    - Cell clinics
    - Microrobots
    - Micromuscle-based Biosensors
    - Microfluidic Valves

2. SEM picture of patterned micro structure in the conducting polymer PEDOT:PSS through micro molding in cappilaries.

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Last updated: 05/15/09