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Undergraduate courses


  • TFMT19 Chemical Sensor Systems (6 ECTS + 6 ECTS Entrepreneurial Course at IEI), year 4. Examiner: Dr Jens Eriksson. Lab Assistants: Dr Yuki Hasegawa, Marius Rodner, Lida Khajavizadeh.
  • TFYA51 Project Course in Physics (CDIO Y), Design and Fabrication of Sensor Chip (9 ECTS + 3 ECTS Entrepreneurial Course), year 4. Examiner: Dr Donatella Puglisi. Customer: Dr Mike Andersson. Supervisors: Prof. Anita Lloyd Spetz, Marius Rodner, Lida Khajavizadeh.
  • TFYA46 Engineering Project (CDIO TB1), Nanoparticles for sensors for cars and flue gases (6 ECTS), year 1. Customer: Prof. Anita Lloyd Spetz. Supervisor: Dr Donatella Puglisi.

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