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Research Program

Overall research concept

One of our objectives is to combine material optics and biology. The overlap between these areas is in methodology including modeling of optical properties, micro-structures and surface processes. Much of our research is focused on using and developing ellipsometry for studies of surfaces and thin films. Research aims and strategies in general terms

  • Material optics - Determination of optical properties and microstructure of bulk materials and thin layers as well as their surfaces and interfaces.
  • Optics in biology - Applications of our methodology in surface biology, chemical sensors and biosensors.
  • Surface studies - Measurements and modeling of dynamics of processes on surface and thin films
  • Sensing layers - Investigation of thin layers with potential use as sensing layers with optical readout. Materials studied include porous layers, polymer layers, biological layers as well as new semiconductor materials.
  • Optical measurement systems: Development of experimental tools, methodology and measurement systems for research and industrial applications.

Research keywords

  • Thin layers: nanometer to mikrometer
  • Wide band gap materials: SiC, GaN, AlN, BN
  • Porous layers: Si, SiC, zeolites
  • Ellipsometry: spectroscopy, in situ, imaging
  • Ellipsometry in biology: protein layers, adsorption
  • Gas sensors: "optical noses"
  • Multisensing for industrial and medical applications

More details about of our research is obtained from the specific project descriptions.

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Last updated: 07/07/14