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Main research topic

Exploring and modeling of polarization properties in cuticles of Scarab beetles.

The Ellipsometree (link)  illustrates my current activities. So far the following papers are published

Chirality-induced polarization effects in the cuticle of scarab beetles: 100 years after Michelson
Hans Arwin, Roger Magnusson, Jan Landin, Kenneth Järrendahl
Phil. Mag. 92 (2012) 1583-1599

Cuticle structure of scarab beetles analyzed by regression analysis of Mueller-matrix ellipsometric data
H Arwin, T. Berlind, B Johs and K Järrendahl
Opt. Expr. 21 (2013) 22645-22656

Polarizing Natural Nanostructures
K. Järrendahl, H. Arwin
Chapter in Functional Ellipsometry of Organic Surfaces and Films, Hinrichs, Karsten; Eichhorn, Klaus-Jochen (Eds.), Springer Series in Surface Sciences, Vol. 52 Springer, 2014

Comparison and Analysis of Mueller-Matrix Spectra from Exoskeletons of Blue, Green and Red Cetonia aurata
H. Arwin, L. Fernández del Río, K. Järrendahl
Thin Solid Films, Available on line

Polarizing Properties and Structural Characteristics of the Cuticle of the Scarab Beetle Chrysina gloriosa
Lia Fernandez del Rio, Hans Arwin, Kenneth Järrendahl
Thin Solid Films, Available on line

Symmetries and relationships between elements of the Mueller matrix spectra of the cuticle of the beetle Cotinis mutabilis
E. Muñoz-Pineda, K. Järrendahl, H. Arwin, A. Mendoza-Galván
Thin Solid Films, Available on line

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