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Diploma works at Applied Optics


Students on the Master programs and "Civilingenjör" programs (300hp) are required to do a 30hp final thesis for the Masters / "Civilingenjör" degree. Students on the Bachelor ("Kandidat") programs and the shorter engineering ("högskoleingenjör") programs (180hp) are required to do a 15hp final thesis. If you are visiting from abroad we can normally define a 4 - 6 month project.
From Applied Optics we examine diploma workers in optics and measurement technology. Specifically we welcome projects in the following areas:

  • Material optics
  • Optics related to biology and medicine
  • Optical measurement technology
  • Optics in general
  • Sensors and sensor signal processing
  • Measurement systems
  • Measurement technology in general

If you want to discuss a project you are welcome to contact one of our examiners or other members of the staff at Applied Optics.

Forms & guidelines (Blanketter & anvisningar)

  • Riktlinjer för examensarbeten vid Tillämpad Optik 
  • Tillämpad Optiks blankett (PDF) för anmälan av examensarbete 
  • Tillämpad Optiks checklista för examensarbete 

  • Förslag på examensarbeten finns också i databasen X-et  
  • Applied Optics registration (PDF) form for master thesis
  • Examiners

  • Hans Arwin, professor
  • Kenneth Järrendahl, professor
  • Diploma work project suggestions

    Supervisor/handledare: Iryna Valyukh

    Supervisor/handledare: Sergey Valyukh

    • Interaction of light with complex-structured periodical media
    • Simulation of liquid-crystal-based tuneable optical elements
    • Development of liquid crystal systems for optical polarization measurements
    • Scattering of light by regular nanostructures
    • Structural colours: formation and visibility
    • Study on optical vortex and optical tweezers
    • Numerical methods for solving inverse and optimization optical problems
    • Solution of near-field problems in classical electrodynamics


    We also encourage you to take a look at our current research projects in the Laboratory of Applied Optics. If you there find a project area interesting for you we can in most cases formulate a project for a diploma work. Please contact the examiners for further discussion.

    Examensarbete Utomlands


    Det finns goda möjligheter att göra examensarbete utomlands genom de kontakter som LiTH har inom ERASMUS.

    Hans Arwin (013 - 281215, han@ifm.liu.se)

  • Twente Universiteit , Enschede, Holland
  • University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA
  • University of Technology and Agriculture, Bydgoszcz, Polen

  • Leif Johansson (013 - 281262, lij@ifm.liu.se)

  • Drygt 100 universitet i EU-länder.

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