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Personal page Guangzheng Zuo

Project: Organic Thermoelectricity

I am Guangzheng Zuo. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree on Polymer Materials and Master’s degree researching on organic solar cells (OPV) in China. Now as a PhD student at group Complex Materials and Devices ( CoMaDe ) under the supervision of Prof. Martijn Kemerink, and my research mainly focuses on organic thermoelectrics.

Thermoelectric generators (TEG) can turn temperature differences directly to electricity. Compared to inorganic semiconductors (ISCs), OSCs offer numerous advantages, such as low cost, large-area deposition, elasticity, material abundance and low weight for thermoelectric applications. Using different type dopants to dope the OSCs can get n-type/p-type materials, which structure the thermoelectric devices. However, OSCs do not typically obey the Wiedemann-Franz law, which behavior is very different from ISCs. How this behavior can be fundamentally understood is largely unknown. Our goals are fundamental understanding and improving performance by material and device design in this field.

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