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Checklist for Master and Bachelor Thesis work at IFM/Physics


  • General rules, information, checklists and documents for Thesis work common for LiTH are collected here. This webpage is in Swedish but general course plans and checklist in English for Master students are available here.
  • The checklist below summarizes the most important specific procedures for Thesis work performed with Examiner at IFM, within one of the main subject areas Physics (course codes TQFY10/30/40/60) or Applied Physics (course codes TQTF30/33).
  • Links to general course syllabus for M Sc in Engineering, Master of Science (30hp), Bachelor of Science.
  • The Examiner should normally belong to one of the department divisions listed here (main subject area nr 26).
  • Links to web-pages with diploma work suggestions from the scientific areas and divisions within IFM are collected here.


M Sci in Engin (Civing), M Sci and B Sci

  • Study the course syllabus for the degree project that you should do, and in particular the general information under "Common rules".
  • Fill in the Application for thesis form according to the instructions on the web page (students on Swedish programs go to this link instead).
  • You should register your Thesis work at Studentportalen.
  • When you are registered, fill in the Department application form and hand in to the education administrator at IFM.


  • During the first weeks of the degree project, you should write a planning report.
  • For M Sci in Eng and M Sci, a mid-way assessment should also be made, approximately half-way through the degree project (not needed for B Sci).

The planning report and (when needed) the mid-way assessment should be carried out as described in the common rules in the course syllabus, and be approved by the examiner.


Only degree projects at a level equal to or higher than that of your personal degree project can be selected for opposition and thesis presentation attendance (auscultation). All auscultations must be done before your own presentation and opposition.

  • Auscultations; required
    • M Sci in Eng (Civing)          3 auscultations (at the earliest during semester 7 for M Sci in Eng students)
    • M Sci (not CivIng)              3 auscultations (1 auscultation for Thesis work started before 1 January 2017)
    • B Sci                                  2 auscultations (at the earliest during semester 5)
    • Erasmus                            0 auscultations

One of the auscultations may be replaced by a licentiate degree seminar or a doctoral disputation. You are then responsible for ensuring that a certification of attendance at the presentation is obtained and passed to the education administrator for registration in Ladok

  • The work as Opponent should be done before or in close connection to your own thesis presentation.
  • In normal cases shall the numbers of opponents be the same as the numbers of authors. The examiner can in special cases decide otherwise, if reasons arises - for example, the size of the Thesis.
    • M Sci in Eng (Civing)         (after 240 hp and 3 auscultations are done)
    • B Sci                                  (after 135 hp and 2 auscultations are done)
    • M Sci (not Civing)              (completed B Sci and additional 60 hp of which 30 hp on advanced level and required auscultations done)
    • Erasmus students are not required to be opponents

Future Thesis Presentations


  • The presentation should normally be done during the academic semesters, from the exam period in August until Midsummer. If this is not possible, an exception can possibly be given after agreement with the examiner.
  • Arrange with an opponent
  • Agree on the date and time for the presentation with your supervisor and examiner, and ask one of them to book a room.
  • Give your education administrator the following information by e-mail:
    - Your name and the title of your Thesis.
    - Time and place for the presentation, plus the examiner's name.
    Your education administrator will now announce your presentation.
  • Contact your education administrator for a number for your Thesis.
  • There are links at IFM's general thesis homepage to "Front Page" and "Library Page".  You use these when your work is ready to be published and printed.


  • Within 10 working days of the oral presentation, you should write a reflection document and submit electronically to your examiner (since your examiner should forward this document electronically to the "namndsamordnare" for the program)
  • A publication-ready final version of the report should normally be submitted to the examiner within 10 working days of the oral presentation. The examiner may grant an exemption from this requirement.


  • You find information about publishing under Net.Publ. M. Thesis.
  • Publishing is done when your final version has been approved by your examinator.
  • Send the final version as a PDF-file to your education administrator. The administrator will let you know if it is OK for you to publish.
  • Your education administrator report your Degree Project when the publishing is approved, assuming that the electronic publishing agreement has been handed over.
  • The publishing at the web is voluntarily, and if you choose not to the education administrator report your Degree Project when the administrator has recieved the PDF-file.


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