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Nanomaterials design in low dimensions - thermodynamics in multilayers

Supervisor: Ferenc Tasnádi
Level: Bachelor
Prerequisites: Thermodynamics

Structural inhomogeneity in materials is a degree of freedom what can be utilized in designing novel functional materials. Sandwiching a material A between another one, say B, periodically is the way of creating an A/B multilayer. In multilayers you control the inhomogeneity. At thin thicknesses (short periodicity) the interfacial effects affect the materials properties drastically. In this project we offer a study to determine the critical thickness at which the bulk properties of the constituent materials are completely screened by the interfacial and strain effects. In general, the materials class to investigate in this study is the multilayers of multicomponent nitride alloys with high technological interest, such as TiX(Y)AlN X,Y=Zr,Ta,V,Nb,Zr. The work will be be done on modern powerful supercomputers.

You can expect during this project: a strengthening of your knowledge in thermodynamics of alloys; an overview and routine in using sophisticated program packages on supercomputers.

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