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Mechanical properties of multicomponent superhard coatings

Supervisor: Ferenc Tasnádi
Level: Bachelor or Master
Prerequisites: Solid State Physics, Thermodynamics

General characteristic of materials is their anisotropic behaviour such as elasticity or thermal conductivity. An understanding of anisotropy requires a rigorous mathematical description (based on the language of tensors). Although ab-initio quantum mechanical calculation of such tensors in simple materials is done routinely, the same task for disordered alloys is still under theoretical development. The major theoretical issue is to understand how the tensor elements are affected by the applied model of disorder. An analysis of a such interconnection will bring results with high impact in theoretical alloy physics. In this project you will predict elastic tensors of multicomponent alloys with high technological interest, such as TiX(Y)AlN X,Y=Zr,Ta,V,Nb,Ta,Zr. The work will be be done on modern powerful supercomputers.

You can expect during this project: a strengthening of your knowledge in thermodynamics and mechanical properties of multicomponent alloys; an overview and routine in using sophisticated program packages on supercomputers; an understanding of the tensorial representation of inhomogeneous materials properties of alloys.

[1] F. Tasnádi et al., Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 231902 (2010).
[2] F. Tasnádi et al., Phys. Rev. B 85, 144112 (2012).

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