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Professor of Theoretical Biology

Professor Uno Wennergren

Head of Spatio-Temporal Biology, SPABIO

My background is studies in mathematics and biology. Today I combine the two in my research projects. My main interest is studies of biological processes related to spatio-temporal dynamics. That is a biological process that has entities like population densities or individuals that change both over time and over space, for example where in the landscape we have high or low densities of a species. Such a problem relates to either extinction risks of an endangered species or more generally to biodiversity. It also is related to how we can study and understand the process of disease spread. One can also study the process on a more detailed level and then study how the behavior of movement affect the spread or for example how animal transport between farms and slaughterhouses can be more effective from economic, environmental, and last but not least – animal welfare perspectives.

In the research group – SPABIO – we develop and use different mathematical and statistical methods that either guide our understanding or directly solve an issue related to a real problem, for example spread of the foot and mouth disease. We therefore use mathematics, programming, and empirical data in our daily work.
Some publication highlights:
Kareiva and Wennergren. 1995. Connecting landscape patterns to ecosystem
and population processes. Nature, 373, 299-302.
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Lennartsson, J., Håkansson, N., Wennergren, U., A. Jonsson. 2012Lennart SpecNet: A Spatial Network Algorithm that Generates a Wide Range of Specific Structures. PLoS ONE 7(8): e42679

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