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Research interests

I am a theoretical ecologist working on the dynamics of ecological networks. Using mathematical and statistical tools I explore the fragility of species and ecosystems to different types of perturbation, for example: fishing, habitat destruction or climate change. Specifically, I am interested in the resilience and robustness of ecosystem to external drivers, e.g. how large perturbations are needed to push ecosystems from one state to another?


  • Basic courses in Botany
  • Biology for foundation Year
  • Basic statistics
  • Population ecology; theories and applications(Holding one lecture)

Media attention

Our work on Ecologically Effective Population Sizes has recieved some media attention:

Contact information

Torbjörn Säterberg

Linköping University

IFM,Theory and Modelling

Division of Theoretical Biology

SE-581 83 Linköping


Phone: +46 13 28 29 23

Email: torsa@ifm.liu.se

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