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This is just a part of me; truly I'm much bigger!

I'm the cluster the other members at Theoretical Biology use when running simulations. I'm a Linux (CentOS) based high-performance computing cluster consisting of eight servers with two quad-core Intel Xeon E5335 2 GHz 64-bit processors each, giving me 64 nodes in total. I have great memory, 512 GiB all and all.

When the humanoids tell me what to do, they use the Sun Grid Engine system. Sometimes they want me to do so much at the same time that I get overwhelmed; then they turn the my colleague Kappa at the National Supercomputer Centre.

If you wanna know more about me you really ought to talk to David Gilljam. He's my keeper, he takes care of me. I like him.

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Last updated: 06/11/10