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Jonatan Årevall

Master Student


Dengue fever vector A. aegyptica.

Research interests

I am studying for my Master's degree and currently working on my Master's thesis in Ecology. My primary interest is biology, but curiosity in both programming and mathematics led me to do both my Bachelor and Master's thesis in theoretical biology.

Today it is estimated that over 2 billion humans risk catching dengue fever. Thus developing effective strategies and methods to control the mosquito population or reduce their capacity of spreading the disease is important. My Master's thesis focus on the control of mosquito populations through the means of infecting the mosquitoes with the bacterial strain wMel Wolbachia. This is analyzed using a spatially explicit metapopulation model. The infection reduces the replication of new virus particles in the mosquito host, reducing the risk that a mosquito bite will spread the virus to a human host.

My hope is that my research will provide knowledge on the viability of introducing Wolbachia to wild mosquito populations and how to do so efficently, and taking a small step towards reducing the incidence of the dengue fever and other similar diseases.

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