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Spatiotemporal Biology - Software for download

Scientific code developed within the group

Whenever used please make a reference to Spatiotemporal Biology at Linköping University and to specific article as denoted by each software below.

1. Dispersal function - two dim generalized normal distribution

When used please cite:
Lindström T, Håkansson N, Westerberg L, Wennergren U. 2008. Splitting the tail of the displacement kernel shows the unimportance of kurtosis. Ecology. 89 (7): 1784-1790

2. Stable spatial distribution analysis, infinite landscape –periodic boundary

When used please cite:
Westerberg L. and Wennergren, U. 2003. Predicting the spatial distribution of a population in a heterogeneous landscape. Ecological Modelling. 166. 53-65

3. Redistribution of populations – Landscape management

When used please cite:
Westerberg and Wennergren. 2005. Matrix models: a tool for landscape management? In: New Trends in Ecology Research. Editor: A R Burk. Pp 135-158. Nova Science
Publishing, New York, USA.

4. Infinite hetereogeneous point pattern landscape – periodic boundary

When used please cite:
Lindström, T., Håkansson, N., Wennergren, U. 2011. The shape of the spatial kernel and its implications for biological invasions in patchy environments. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, B. 1564-1571. doi: 10.1098/rspb.2010.1902). 

5. 1/f noise mass action mixing spatial model, asynchronous to synchronous habitats

When used please cite:
Lögdberg, F. and Wennergren U. 2012. Spectral color, synchrony and extinction risk. Theoretical Ecology. Doi: 10.1007/s12080-011-0145-x

6. Spectral network generator

When used please cite:
Lennartsson, J., Håkansson, N., Wennergren, U., A. Jonsson. 2012. SpecNet: A Spatial Network Algorithm that Generates a Wide Range of Specific Structures. PLoS ONE 7(8): e42679

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