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Spatiotemporal Biology - Research

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Uno Wennergren, Professor

Landscape ecology and climate change
: Population dynamics in a heterogeneous landscape 
1. Theoretical studies of population dynamics in heterogenous landscape and effects of temporal variation
.2. Longterm survival of flora and fauna associated with old oaks.
3. Crop management strategies for effective biological control.

Life-history strategies: Life-history strategies and the risk of population extinction in a variable environment.
1. Endangered species and biodiversity
2. Ecotoxicology 

The character and spread of animal disease: effect on, and control strategies for,  livestock. Especially Foot and Mouth Disease.
1. Analysis of rate of disease, distribution of farms and possible patterns of spread
2. Network analysis of spread of disease

Animal transport: Logistic and animal welfare.
1. Analysis of how routeplanning may effect animal welfare and possible profit.
2. Analysis of how distribution of farms and abattoirs effect the routeplanning, animal welfare and profit.

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