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SIZEMIC Projects

SIZEMIC is a 4-year research network funded by the European Science Foundation. It's goals are to synthesise size-based and species-based research being carried out within different branches of ecology, to foster integrated advances in the field, to provide a focus for collaboration across existing research boundaries and training for young scientists. Activities includes a series of international workshops, working groups, travel grants and a summer school.

PACE Lab members are involved in two of the three SIZEMIC working groups. David Gilljam, Torbjörn Säterberg and Bo Ebenman are involved in Working group 2: Testing the Generality of Elton's Rule: Comparing Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems across Environmental Conditions and Anna Eklöf, Alva Curtsdotter, Sofia Berg and Bo Ebenman are involved in Working Group 3: Body Size and Redundancy: Across System Comparisons. Bo Ebenman  is also one of the members in the steering committee.

Read more about SIZEMIC at www.sizemic.org

Sofia Berg, Alva Curtsdotter, Anna Eklöf, David Gilljam, Torbjörn Säterberg & Bo Ebenman

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