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Population and Community Ecology Lab

Research in the PACE lab mainly deals with the robustness of ecological communities to different kind of perturbations including species loss, changes in demographic rates of interacting species and changes in the strengths of interactions among species.

Picture from Anna Eklöf's dissertation. Illustrations by Frida Lögdberg.

We are particularly interested in how interactions among species govern the response of ecosystems to different kinds of disturbances like climate change, harvesting and habitat fragmentation. How will such disturbances affect community structure and stability? What is the risk and extent of cascading extinctions? 

We develop and apply community viability and sensitivity analysis to identify fragile/robust community structures, keystone species and vulnerable species. How will the structure of communities, like their diversity, connectance and modularity, affect their robustness? How does keystone status and vulnerability of species depend on traits like body size, trophic position, trophic uniqueness, number of links to other species?

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Present Research Areas

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