Linköpings universitet


The following partners are involved in NORLED:


Linköping University:

Dr. Mikael Syväjärvi (Material science crystal growth - FSGP development)
Dr. Mats Bladh (new lighting solutions and their social tendencies)
Dr. Mats Söderström (energy systems)

Jönköping University:

Prof. Nils Svendenius (room lighting design)

Royal Institute of Technology:

Dr. Margareta Linnarsson (material doping evaluation)

Optoga AB:

Dr. Marcus Björkman (LED armature)

Trans Atlantic Technology AB:

MSc Johan Ekman (industrial application and production technology)


University of Oslo:

Dr. Harold Wilhite (environmental change and sustainable energy)


Technical University of Denmark:

Dr. Haiyan Ou (LED and optical characterization)


University of Erlangen:

Prof. Dr. Peter Wellman (fundamental SiC crystal growth and doping)
Prof. Dr. Erdmann Spiecker (structural properties of doped crystals)

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