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NORLED - Nordic Light Emitting Diode Initiative

2012 Highlights Physica Scripta
Thick epitaxial layer
Schematic epitaxial growth
EMR symposium
Mikael Syväjärvi
Fluorescent silicon carbide
Invited talk

The NORLED project develop an innovative and industrially feasible white LED technology for general lighting. The white LED structure is free of phosphor and has a highly efficient luminescence with a comfortable light quality to the human eye. The project consortium is composed of partners from Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Norway. Multidisciplinary (technical, social, economic) scientists are gathered together with representatives from the industry.

NORLED is supported by The Swedish Energy Agency, Danish Council for Strategic Research, Projektträger Jülich in Germany, Research Council of Norway and Nordic Energy Research within The Northern European Innovative Energy Research Programme (N-INNER)

Project duration is Jan 1, 2010 - Dec 31, 2012.

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