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Research Projects


Materials synthesis process development

Arc process development (dc arc, industrial size):

- Plasma generation from compound cathodes

- Rotating arc plasma sources

Arc/sputtering hybrid processes

Arc plasma generation.


Arc plasma generation from single element and compound cathodes

- Cathode surface reactions

- Plasma chemistry

- Ion energy

- Angular distribution of plasma

- Neutrals in arc plasma

- Macroparticle generation

- Related plasma-surface interaction and thin film growth

Comparative plasma studies for arc vs HPPMS

The first experimentally realized magnetic MAX phase, [Cr,Mn]2GeC.

Materials synthesis and characterization

Nitrides and oxides (from pulsed and dc arc plasma generation)

- Various nitrides for hard coating materials

- Oxides for hard coatings and electrodes

- Fullerenlike carbon based materials

MAX phases (from pulsed arc, magnetron sputtering and bulk synthesis)

- Synthesis of theoretically predicted novel MAX phases.

- Magnetic MAX phases

- MAX phases allowing exploration of conduction and anisotropy


Predictive and explanatory calculations/simulations on

- Phase stability

- Magnetism

- Transport properties

- Mechanical properties

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