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Research areas of interest

We are a team working within a research platform including an dvanced PVD lab. A majority of the research projects combine experimental and theoretical methods to allow novel materials design.

To understand, and control, mechanisms governing the structural and compositional evolution of thin films, we need to investigate all interconnected steps in the synthesis process, see figure below. In addition to process development, with a (for us) particular focus on cathodic arc, this includes studies of

  • plasma generation at the cathode (target),
  • plasma transport, allowing tuning of the plasma into a versatile tool for surface processing,
  • plasma – surface interaction during thin film growth,
  • correlation between resulting structure, composition and material properties, and
  • effects of post deposition treatment.

To get detailed insight in the deposition process on an atomic level on very short timescales (~fs), we combine experimental and theoretical studies. Methods based on primarily Density Functional Theory (DFT) are used for predictive as well as explanatory investigations.

Materials synthesis - interconnected research areas.


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