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Nano Materials Science

The Nano Materials Science group in the Thin Film Physics division is conducting focused research aiming at understanding and controlling atomistic processes during synthesis of nanostructures and thin films. The common goal is to create new processes and materials to provide unique materials properties for society to exploit.

Some examples:

  • InAlN and GaN nanorods, quantum dots, and heterostructures for LED applications
  • Wide band-gap BN-epilayers for electronics and neutron detectors
  • Wurtzite group-3A group-3B Nitrides with enhanced piezo-electric properties
  • Low-temperature growth of boron carbide for state-of-the-art neutron detectors at ESS
  • Quasicrystalline thin films providing unique combinations of physical properties
  • Superlattices and multilayers with sub-nm layers and atomically abrupt interfaces
  • etc.
Galia Pozina, Associate Professor galia.pozina@liu.se
Ching-Lien Hsiao, Assistant Professor ching-lien.hsiao@liu.se
Dr. Per Sandström, Senior Research Engineer     per.o.sandstrom@liu.se
Dr. Carina Höglund, ESS AB carina.hoglund@liu.se
Muhannad Junaid, Senior Research Engineer muhammad.junaid@liu.se
Lic. Mathias Forsberg  PhD student mathias.forsberg@liu.se
MSc. Mewlude Imam, PhD student yimamu.maiwulidan@liu.se
MSc. Alexandra Serban  PhD student alexandra.serban@liu.se
Laurent Souqui, PhD student laurent.souqui@liu.se
Naureen Ghafoor, Associate Professor naureen.ghafoor@liu.se

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