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Summary of Valdas Jokubavicius's activities


  • Epitaxial growth of silicon carbide (SiC)
    The growth and characterization of nitrogen and boron doped  6H-SiC and 3C-SiC layers on off-axis hexagonal SiC substrates. The layers are grown using sublimation epitaxy which is a modification of Physical Vapor Transport (PVT) technique.
  • Thermal etching of SiC surfaces
    Thermal etching process development and optimization in order to obtain high quality surfaces for subsequent epitaxial growth of SiC or graphene. The etching is done using custom-design thermal etching reactor.  

Selected publications

  • White Light Emission from Fluorescent SiC with Porous Surface
    W. Lu, Y. Ou, E. M. Fiordaliso, Y. Iwasa, V. Jokubavicius, M. Syväjärvi, S. Kamiyama, P. M. Peterson and H. Ou
    Scientific Reports 7, 9798 (2017)                                pdf available
  • Growth optimization and applicability of thick on-axis SiC layers using sublimation epitaxy in vacuum
    V. Jokubavicius, J. W. Sun, X. Liu, G.R. Yazdi, I. G. Ivanov, R. Yakimova and M. Syväjärvi
    Journal of Crystal Growth 448, 51-57 (2016) 
  • Surface engineering of SiC via sublimation etching
    V. Jokubavicius, G.R. Yazdi,  I. G. Ivanov, Y. Niu, A. Zakharov, T. Iakimov,  R.R. Yazdi, I. G. Ivanov, M. Syväjärvi and R. Yakimova
    Applied Surface Science 390, 816–822 (2016)


A complete list of publications can be found at DiVA LiU E-press.

Valdas Jokubavicius



E-mail: valjo@ifm.liu.se
Phone: +46 (0)13 282641

Room G327 (Physics Building)

Semiconductor Materials, IFM
Linköping University
Linköping, Sweden




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