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Summary of Per Olof Holtz's activities


The main focus of the research activities is towards quantum structures of low dimensionality i.e. quantum wires and quantum dots based on different semiconductors. The main tools employed for the optical characterization are photoluminescence (PL), time resolved PL, PL excitation, micro-PL, Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy and Scanning Near Field Optical Microscopy (SNOM). In this way, it is possible to investigate the optical properties of individual quantum dots or wires. Different material systems, such as GaAs/AlGaAs, Si/Ge, InAs/GaAs, have been studied. During recent years, there has been successfully more focus on quantum wires and quantum dots based on wide bandgap materials, e.g. GaN/AlGaN and ZnO. Within the SSF funded NANO-N consortium, we have developed a novel concept with light emitting InGaN quantum dots on top of GaN pyramids. 

Selected publications

  • Electronic states tuning of InAs self-assembled quantum dots
    J. M. Garcia, T. Mankad P. O. Holtz, P. J. Wellman, and P. M. Petroff
    Applied Physics Letters 72, 3172 (1998)
  • Photoluminescence up-conversion in InAs/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots
    P. P. Paskov, P. O. Holtz, B. Monemar, J. M. Garcia, W. V. Schoenfeld, and P. M. Petroff
    Applied Physics Letters 77, 812 (2000)
  • Effects of separate carrier generation on the emission properties of InAs/GaAs quantum dots
    E. S. Moskalenko, K. F. Karlsson, V. T. Dontchev, P. O. Holtz, B. Monemar, W. V. Scoenfeld and P. M. Petroff
    Nano Letters 5, 2117 (2005)
  • Origin of photocurrent in lateral quantum dots-in-a-well infrared photodetectors
    L. Hoglund, C. Asplund, Q. Wang, S. Almqvist, H. Malm, E. Petrini, J. Y. Andersson, P. O. Holtz, and H. Pettersson
    Applied Physics Letters 88, 213519 (2006)    pdf available
  • Single Excitons in InGaN Quantum Dots on GaN Pyramid Arrays
    C. W. Hsu, A. Lundskog, K. F. Karlsson, U. Forsberg, E. Janzén and P. O. Holtz
    Nano Letters 11, 2415 (2011)
  • Controlled growth of hexagonal GaN pyramids by hot-wall MOCVD
    A. Lundskog, C. W. Hsu, D. Nilsson, K. F. Karlsson, U. Forsberg, P. O. Holtz and E. Janzén
    Journal of Crystal Growth 363, 187 (2013)     pdf available

A more complete list of publications can be found at DiVA LiU E-press.

Current supervision of students

 PhD students

List including former students... 

Current projects and funding

  • VR: Nitride Based Quantum Dots for Light Emission, principal investigator (2012-2015)
  • CTF: Efficient Blue/UV Light Emitters Based on Nitride Quantum Dots, principal investigator (2013-2015)

Current education related activities

Per Olof Holtz is the Director of the graduate program at IFM (with approx. 160 registered PhD students) since 1999 and Head of a new graduate school, Agora Materiae (with approx. 40 PhD students members) within Materials Physics since 2012.

Per Olof Holtz



E-mail: poh@ifm.liu.se
Phone: +46 (0)13 28 26 28

Room G320 (Physics Building)

Semiconductor Materials, IFM
Linköping University
Linköping, Sweden


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