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Ph.D. Thesis

Some Ph.D. thesis produced at our group at LiU, where I have been strongly involved.

  • Jawad-ul-Hassan ( Supervisor)
  • Fredrik Carlsson (Asst. Supervisor)
  • Liutara Storasta (Asst. Supervisor)
  • Henrik Jakobsson (Major Contributor)
  • Peder Bergman (Author)

Links to pdf-files of thesis abstract are placed under each figure.

Jawad-ul-Hassan (2009)

Epitaxial Growth and Characterisation of SiC for High Power Devices

Opponent: Dr. Hidekazu Tsuchida, CriEpi, Japan


Fredrik Carlsson (2003)

Spectroscopic Studies of Irradiated Induced Defects in SiC

 Liutaras Storasta (2003)

Electrically Active Defects in 4H SiC

Opponent : Tsutenobu Kimoto, Kyuto Iniversity, Japan

Henrik Jakobsson (2002)

Structural Characterisation and Lateral Growth of Silicon Carbide

Opponent: Marek Skowronski, carnegie mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA 

Peder Bergman (1990)

Timeresolved Studies of Radiative Recombinations in GaP and GaAs/AlGaAs Heterostructures

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