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Invited Talks



14th International Conference on Defects - Recognition, Imaging and Physics in Semiconductors. September 25-29, Mayazaki, Japan , 2011.

"Characterisation and Imaging of Defects in SiC"

Peder Bergman, Ian Booker, Jawad Hassan and Erik Janzén. 

MRS 08

Materials Research Societey Spring Meeting 2008, San Fransisco March , 2008

"Improved SiC Epitaxial Material for Bipolar Applications"

Peder Bergman, Jawad-ul-Hassan, and Alex Ellison


International Conference of SiC and Related Materials, Kyoto, Japan October 14-19, 2007

"Study of Bipolar Degredation in PiN-diodes Grown on On-axis 4H Substrates."

J.P. Bergman , J. Hassan , P. Brosselard , P. Godignon , P. McNally , and E. Janzén


3rd International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies, Singapore 3-8 July, 2005

"CVD - Based Crystal Growth and Epitaxy of SiC"

A. Ellison, B. Sundqvist, G. Pozina, B. Magnusson, J.P. Bergman

MRS 04

Materials Research Societey Spring Meeting 2008, San Fransisco March , 2004

"Device Critical Defects in SiC"

 Peder Bergman, Christer Hallin, Liutauras Storasta, Fredric Carlsson, Henrik Jakobsson, Erik Janzen


European Materials Research Society, Fall Meeting, Warsaw Sept. 2003

"SiC Present Status and Material Challenges"

Peder Bergman, Fredric Carlsson, Henrik Jakobsson, Liutauras Storasta, Björn Magnusson, Christer Hallin, Ngyen Tien Son, Erik Janzen


International Conference of SiC and Related Materials. Tsukuba, Japan, 28 Oct. - 02 Nov, 2001.  

" Characterisation and Defects in Silicon Carbide" 

J.P. Bergman


International Semiconducting and Insulating Materials Conference, Canberra Australia, 3 - 7 July 2000.

"The Role of Defects on Optical and Electrical Properties of SiC"

J.P. Bergman, A. Ellison, A. Henry, L. Storasta, E. Janzen


International Conference of Shallow Level Centers in Semiconductors, Montpellier France July, 27-30, 1998.

" Multiple Bound Exciton Associated with the Nitrogen Donor in 3C Silicon Carbide"

J.P. Bergman, E. Janzen, W.J. Choyke


International Conference of Defects in Semiconductors, Giessen Germany, Juky, 16 - 20, 2001.

"Defects in 4H SiC"

J.P. Bergman, L. Storasta, F.H.C. Carlsson, S. Sridhara, B. Magnusson, E. Janzen


European Conference of SiC and Related Materials. Crete, Greece, September xx-xx, 1996.

"Carrier Lifetimes in SiC, studied by Time Resolved Optical Spectroscopy"

J.P. Bergman

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