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The h-index is a frequently used measure of scientific productivity and scientific impact. 

A researcher has a h-indeex of x, if he has x number of publications cited more or equal than x times.

My h-number is 39 based on citation search on "Web of science" and updated 2015-09-16

Below are my h-factor publications.

1. Crystal defects as source of anomalous forward voltage increase of 4H-SiC diodes

Bergman, J.P., Lendenmann, H., Nilsson, P.A ̊ ., Lindefelt, U., Skytt, P.

Materials Science Forum, 353-356, pp. 299-302. (2001)

Number of citations: 212

2. Mechanism for low-temperature photoluminescence in GaNAs/GaAs structures grown by   molecular-beam epitaxy.

Buyanova, I.A., Chen, W.M., Pozina, G., Bergman, J.P., Monemar, B., Xin, H.P., Tu, C.W.

Applied Physics Letters, 75 (4), pp. 501-503. (1999).

Number of citations: 205

3. Deep level defects in electron-irradiated 4H SiC epitaxial layers

Hemmingsson, C., Son, N.T., Kordina, O., Bergman, J.P., Janzén, E., Lindström, J.L., Savage, S., Nordell, N.

Journal of Applied Physics, 81 (9), pp. 6155-6159 (1997).

Number of citations: 183

4. Long term operation of 4.5kV PiN and 2.5kV JBS diodes

Lendenmann, H., Dahlquist, F., Johansson, N., So ̈ derholm, R., Nilsson, P.A., Bergman, J.P.,  Skytt, P.

Materials Science Forum, 353-356, pp. 727-730 (2001).  

Number of citations: 159

5. Deep levels created by low energy electron irradiation in 4H-SiC

Storasta L, Bergman JP , Janzen E, Henry A, Lu J.

Journal of Applied Physics, v. 96, pp 4909-4915  ( 2004).

Number of citations: 149

6. Growth of sic by "Hot-wall" CVD and HTCVD

Kordina, O., Hallin, C., Henry, A., Bergman, J.P., Ivanov, I., Ellison, A., Son, N.T., Janzén, E.

Physica Status Solidi (B) Basic Research, 202 (1), pp. 321-334 (1997).

Number of citations: 122

7. Electrically active defects in n-type 4H-silicon carbide grown in a vertical hot-wall reactor

Zhang, J., Storasta, L., Bergman, J.P., Son, N.T., Janzén, E.

Journal of Applied Physics, 93 (8), pp. 4708-4714 (2003).

Number of citations: 109

8. High-power SiC diodes: Characteristics, reliability and relation to material defects

Lendenmann, H., Dahlquist, F., Bergman, J.P., Bleichner, H., Hallin, C.

Materials Science Forum, 389-393 (2), pp. 1259-1264 (2002).

Number of citations: 105

9. A 4.5 kV 6H Silicon Carbide Rectifier

Kordina O., Bergman J.P., Henry A., .

Applied Physics Letter, 67  pp. 1561-1563 (1995).

Number of citations:  98

10. Growth and excitonic properties of single fractional monolayer CdSe/ZnSe structures

Ivanov, S.V., Toropov, A.A., Shubina, T.V., Sorokin, S.V., Lebedev, A.V., Sedova, I.V., Kop'ev, P.S., Pozina, G.R., Bergman, J.P., Monemar, B.

Journal of Applied Physics, 83 (6), pp. 3168-3171 (1998).

Number of citations:  92

11. Luminescence from stacking faults in 4H SiC

Sridhara, S.G., Carlsson, F.H.C., Bergman, J.P., Janzén, E.

Applied Physics Letters, 79 (24), pp. 3944-3946 (2001).

Number of citations: 82

12. Temperature Dependence and decay times of Zink and Oxygen vacancy Related Photoluminescence bands in ZnO

P. Klasen, T.M. Borseth, X.Z. Qing

Solid State Communications, 145 pp. 321-326 (2008)

Number of Citations: 77

13. Mechanism for rapid thermal annealing improvements in undoped GaNxAs1-x/GaAs structures grown by molecular beam epitaxy

Buyanova, I.A., Pozina, G., Hai, P.N., Thinh, N.Q., Bergman, J.P., Chen, W.M., Xin, H.P., Tu, C.W.

Applied Physics Letters, 77 (15), pp. 2325-2327 (2000).

Number of citations: 74

14. Pseudodonor nature of the D1 defect in 4H-SiC

Storasta, L., Carlsson, F.H.C., Sridhara, S.G., Bergman, J.P., Henry, A., Egilsson, T., Halle ́n, A., Janze ́n, E.

Applied Physics Letters, 78 (1), pp. 46-48 (2001).

Number of citations: 72

15. Properties of the D1 bound exciton in 4H-SiC

Egilsson, T., Bergman, J.P., Ivanov, I.G., Henry, A., Janze ́ n, E.

Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 59 (3), pp. 1956-1963 (1999).

Number of citationa: 67

16. Time-resolved measurements of the radiative recombination in GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs heterostructures

Bergman, J.P., Zhao, Q.X., Holtz, P.O., Monemar, B., Sundaram, M., Merz, J.L., Gossard, A.C.

Physical Review B, 43 (6), pp. 4771-4776.

Number of citations: 67

17. Nanoscale Light-Harvesting Metal-Organic Frameworks

X.J. Xhang, M.A. Ballem, Z.J. Hu, P. Bergman, K. Uvdal

Angewandte Chemie-International edirtion 50, pp 5728-5732 (2011)

Number of citations: 63

18. High temperature CVD growth of SiC

Ellison, A., Zhang, J., Peterson, J., Henry, A., Wahab, Q., Bergman, J.P., Makarov, Y.N., Vorob'ev, A., Vehanen, A., Janzén, E.

Materials Science and Engineering B, 61-62, pp. 113-120 (1999).

Number of citations: 61

19. A 3 kV Schottky barrier diode in 4H-SiC

Wahab, Q., Kimoto, T., Ellison, A., Hallin, C., Tuominen, M., Yakimova, R., Henry, A., Bergman, J.P., Janzén, E.

Applied Physics Letters, 72 (4), pp. 445-447 (1998).

Number of citations: 61

20. Photoluminescence related to the two-dimensional electron gas at a GaN/AlGaN heterointerface

Bergman, J.P., Lundström, T., Monemar, B., Amano, H., Akasaki, I.

Applied Physics Letters, 69 (23), pp. 3456-3458 (1996).

Number of citations: 61

21. Time-resolved studies of photoluminescence in GaNxP1-x alloys: Evidence for indirect-direct band gap crossover

Buyanova, I.A., Pozina, G., Bergman, J.P., Chen, W.M., Xin, H.P., Tu, C.W.

Applied Physics Letters, 81 (1), p. 52 (2002).

Number of Citations: 57

22. Dislocation evolution in 4H-SiC epitaxial layers

Jacobson, H., Birch, J., Yakimova, R., Syväjärvi, M., Bergman, J.P., Ellison, A., Tuomi, T., Janzén, E.

Journal of Applied Physics, 91 (10 I), p. 6354 (2002).

Number of citations: 57

23. The minority carrier lifetime of n-type 4H- and 6H-SiC epitaxial layers

Kordina, O., Bergman, J.P., Hallin, C., Janzen, E.

Applied Physics Letters, 69 (5), pp. 679-681 (1996).

Number of citations: 56

24. Nanoscale Ln(III)-Carboxylate Coordination Polymers (Ln = Gd, Eu, Yb): Temperature-Controlled Guest Encapsulation and Light Harvesting

X.J. Xhang, M.A. Ballem, M. Ahren, A. Suska,  P. Bergman, K. Uvdal

J. of the American Chemical Society 132, pp 10391.10397 (2010)

Number of citations: 55

High-Quality 4H-S9C Epitaxial Layers Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition. 

Kordina O., Henry A., Bergman J.P.,

Applied Physics Letters, v 66, pp 1373-1375 (1995).

Number of citations: 49

 Optical properties of doped InGaN/GaN multiquantum-well structures

Dalfors, J., Bergman, J.P., Holtz, P.O., Sernelius, B.E., Monemar, B., Amano, H., Akasaki, I.

Applied Physics Letters, 74 (22), pp. 3299-3301 (1999).

Number of citations: 45

Structural defects in electrically degraded 4H-SiC p+/n-/n+ diodes

Persson, P.O.A., Hultman, L., Jacobson, H., Bergman, J.P., Janze ́ n, E., Molina-Aldareguia, J.M., Clegg, W.J., Tuomi, T.

Applied Physics Letters, 80 (25), p. 4852 (2002).

Number of citations: 45

Intrinsic Optical properties of GaN Epilayers on SiC substrates: Effect of the built-in Strain

Buyanova I.A, Bergman J.P., Monemar B., Amano A., Akasaki I.

Applied Physics Letters, v 69, pp 1255-1257 (1996).

Number of citations: 43

Radiative Recombination in Doped AlGaAs/GaAs Heterostructures

Zhao QX, Bergman JP, Holtz PO, Monemar B, Hallin C, Sundaram M, Merz JL, Gossard AC

Semiconductor Science and Technology, v 5, pp 884- 889 (1990).

Number of citations:  37

27. Bound exciton dynamics in GaN grown by hydride vapor-phase epitaxy

Pozina, G., Bergman, J.P., Paskova, T., Monemar, B.

Applied Physics Letters, 75 (26), pp. 4124-4126 (1999).

Cited 31 times.

29. Time resolved spectroscopy of defects in SiC

Bergman, J.P., Kordina, O., Janzén, E.

Physica Status Solidi (A) Applied Research, 162 (1), pp. 65-77 (1997).

Cited 31 times.

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