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Summary of Örjan Danielsson's activities


The chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process combines fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, gas-phase chemical kinetics and surface science in a rather complex manner. My research is about increasing the understanding of the CVD process for large bandgap semiconductor materials, such as SiC and III-nitrides, through different kinds of modeling and simulations. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is used to a large extent to study flow fields, temperature distributions, gas-phase chemical reactions, species concentrations and deposition rates in great detail throughout the whole CVD reactor. The better we understand the CVD processes, the easier it is to optimize process equipment and conditions to improve material quality, doping uniformity, and wafer throughput, to facilitate large scale production on an industrial level. 

Selected publications

Complete list of peer-reviewed articles at researcherID.com (ISI).

Current supervision of students

 PhD students

Current projects and funding

  • SSF Strategic mobility grant: Simulations of SiC epitaxial processes, principal investigator (2012-2013)

Current teaching

Undergraduate Courses
  • TFYY51 Engineering project (6 ECTS) for Y1

PhD Courses

  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (8 ECTS), participate as lecturer
Örjan Danielsson
Associate Professor (Docent)

Univerity Lecturer,
Head of Division


E-mail: orjda@ifm.liu.se
Phone: +46 (0)13 28 40 11

Room G323 (Physics Building)

Semiconductor Materials, IFM
Linköping University
Linköping, Sweden


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